Enginia guarantees the highest levels of hygiene and safety

Hygiene is a key factor, of ever greater importance in all sectors. When air quality is at stake, it is even more so.

At this time of crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, the quality of the air and its constant exchange are of paramount importance. The air handling units that convey and circulate huge quantities of outside air may appreciably improve indoor air quality in large spaces, but, needless to say, this can only be done when all equipment components meet the highest quality standards and comply with the most stringent certification requirements.

At Enginia we know it full well, and this is why we have always been committed to ensure the highest levels of quality, safety and hygiene, proposing leading-edge solutions, and striving, day after day, to reach ever higher standards.

It is not by chance that all our windows and our standard dampers meet the requirements set out in the VDI 6022/1 standard. In particular, all our plastic materials for their production are certified for compliance with ISO 846/2019, with a score of 0 (the highest possible score obtainable) and qualify as inert materials, which do not support the growth of fungi and the proliferation of bacterial colonies.

Since 1998, VDI 6022 guidelines have described state-of-the art hygiene conditions in air conditioning systems. These guidelines list the integrated hygiene requirements relating to the impacts of construction, technical and organisational aspects on the planning, manufacturing, use and maintenance of HVAC systems. They also serve as a basis to protect people’s health through strict adherence to hygiene standards.

Conformity to the stringent technical guidelines set out in the VDI 6022/1 standard is a guarantee of the attention devoted by Enginia to aspects such as hygiene and safety, since our aim is to identify, select and supply the best solutions to meet any need you may have.

At Enginia we have a well-established expertise and devote special attention to the sectors requiring perfect hygiene, such as the hospitals, pharmaceuticals and food sectors: another reason why we pursue excellence in everything we do.

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