Born in 1997, nowadays Enginia is a leader in the air engineering sector. We design and make products embodying innovative technology and primarily intended for air handling units, with a focus on solutions designed to increase the energy efficiency of the AHUs. We view air as something tangible, in our hands it becomes projects, products, services.

We are Enginia. The Air Shaper.

7000square meters of production area

40Countries we export to

90000Ahu dampers produced per year

6000000Plastic components produced per year


Assembled aeraulic components, plastic components for AHUs, solutions developed in co-engineering. Products with different functions and characteristics, and one thing in common: quality.

Enginia: technological manufacturing.

Air engineering is about technology. Nevertheless, at Enginia, our focus on technology has never overshadowed our human-centred approach.
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Enginia’s solutions for the air engineering sector

Dampers, grilles, handles and hinges are part of an extremely wide range of products designed to meet each and every need. The choice is up to you.
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What's new in the air?

News, events, new products and new solutions. A breath of fresh air brought to you by Enginia.

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