Air engineering as passion and profession

We have been operating in the air engineering sector since 1997 and year by year have grown into an industry leader, primarily in the design and manufacture of AHU dampers.

Embodying innovative technology and designed with a special focus on solutions enhancing the energy efficiency of AHUs, our products can meet the needs of hundreds of AHUs manufacturing companies.

Over the years we have continuously invested in human resources and technology. The key to our success has always been passion combined with professionalism. This approach has resulted in a steady growth in terms of output volumes and turnover.

Air is in our hands

We view air as something tangible, in our hands it becomes projects, products, services and technical support dedicated to AHUs on a 98 percent basis.

What makes us unique is our specialisation in a sector – air engineering – with custom products and components specially made for the AHUs.

Over the years we have developed hundreds of products, many of them developed jointly with our customers.

We are Enginia. The Air Shapers.

We know the climate of 40 different countries

Attention to detail and a range of sturdy and highly reliable products, combined with flexible services that more often than not have led us to develop tailor-made solutions in co-engineering with our customers, have made Enginia a top player at world level. From our Italian headquarters and our U.S. warehouse we can reach more than 40 different countries around the world.

An open window on the world

At the core of our company is our commitment to human values so that passion is at the heart of our work. Over time, Enginia has developed into an increasingly open, cosmopolitan reality. People from different countries united by a feeling of belonging to a group that looks to the future with confidence and determination.