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Enginia quality: from dampers to portholes.

Plastic components for air handling units
Enginia's product catalogue includes a wide range of plastic components for the construction of air handling units:

Handles, for doors of any thickness
Hinges, fixed and adjustable
Corners and omega joints for aluminium frames
Panel fixings
Pressure test outlets
Bushings for PU and mineral wool panels
Components for dampers and louvers

Assembled air handling components
A large part of Enginia's business consists of assembled products for air handling units: regulation dampers, intake louvers and drop eliminators. Each of these components is vital for the proper working of an air handling unit, and it is the thorough-going recognition of this that underlies the whole Enginia philosophy and its commitment to the design and manufacture of ever more innovative and reliable products. Enginia components include:

Dampers in galvanized steel, aluminium and stainless steel
Dampers certified to DIN 1946 - EN 1751
Dampers for hygiene applications to VDI6022
ATEX dampers
High temperature dampers
Heat recovery by-pass dampers
Aluminium intake louvers
drop eliminators with PP blades

Industry demand for special products has increased over the years. To meet that demand, Enginia set about co-engineering with its customers, putting at their service an expert design team of lively minds, with advanced tools and the flexibility that gets results. This has led to a freedom of design expertise which allows constant technical improvement in both standard and custom products.

Guaranteed success.
Enginia has always made product quality and good customer service its primary aims; in 2002 it achieved ISO 9001 certification. The continuing confidence shown by leading Italian and international firms in the industry is a great source of satisfaction to Enginia, and a powerful stimulus to further improvement.